Sunday, August 14, 2016

Development of Karakat Indah Beach, Bukambero Village , North Kodi, Southwest Sumba is undergoing


 To response on the needs of the local people especially the fishermen whose living is depend on the sea sources, local government in the village level is working on developing the road to open the access for people either fishermen or tourist and investor who are planning to build hotel, resort and villas in this village. 
This will increase the living income of local people, as mobilization will be smoother and easier. 
       While the central and provincial government is supporting the district government by developing the road access starting from Kadul, Government offices, up to Yuma, road being develop to asphalt with around 5m width. This will make the road be divided  in two direction, with the expectation that investors who bought some beach front lands will start to build along the coast line. 
Fishing Center, Karakat Indah Beach, Bukambero
Village government responding this as well by building and expanding the road from the main road up to the beach/ cliffs. It is focusing in the Karakat Indah Beach, where fishing central is located. 
 To make this happen, supporting from investors who are planning to build their properties in Bukambero village, Kodi Utara. Sumba Barat Daya is highly expected. We are in need of funding as we are planning to build a wood bridge with 50-100m into the sea with the starting point is the fishing center, in order, fishermen will be able to tie up their boats and ship. Architect who can help and assist in designing the bridge is expected as well. 
 We do hope and expect your assistance. Feel free to contact me for further information, in case you are willing to donate or assist us. We will welcome you with our two hands open for you. All people will be grateful. Email: or mobile: (+62) 81337 385411

Some pics of the activity, road opening

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