Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Unique Fighting horsemen in Sumba Island

The "PASOLA" fighting among hundreds of horsemen which devided in two groups is a sportive action done by men in Sumba to celebrate the sacred month of the Sumbanese. This is to worship and appreciate their gods who had, based on their belief, protect the island from any chatastrope which may occur. The event take place on February and March every year, which initially opened by "Rato" the leader of the communities. Kecamatan (subdistricts) that celebrate this event are Kodi, Lamboya and Wanokaka. In case, anybody who join the fighting get killed during this ceremony, it is the symbol that gods had accept their worship and blessing will be pour on to the island.

A unique performance will be shown. All men who are brave enough will join with the support from their women by having pakkalak (yelling) on rejoice. Traditional hadwoven being presented. All men wear their own symbol and the horses are decorated with unique clothes.

The fighting rule are that those who join are given spears, used to throw to other group of horsemen (enemies) in that yard whilst they ride the horse. Running horses with brave men will be a kind of a collosal movement in traditional custom.


Mourning of Sumbanese

Mourning of Sumbanese
Positioning of dead body in Sumbanese lady

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